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Xinghui Senior Care Co., Ltd

Shanghai Pudong New Area Xinghui Senior Care Service Centre was established in July 2014, funded by the Shanghai Xingzhong Eneity (Group) Co., Ltd. ,can undertake home, day care, institutional pension management projects, provide pension business investment, management, information consulting services, and accept the government entrusted to carry out services for the elderly.

Xinghui Senior Care signed a contract with Cao Lu Township Government in 2015 and took over Gu Lu Nursing Home and Gong Lu South District Elderly Home respectively in 2016. In 2020, the three public nursing homes in Cao Lu area will be merged and managed. The company has become the director unit of Shanghai Senior Care Service Industry Association, the member unit of Shanghai Pudong New Area Senior Care Service Industry Association, the designated unit of Shanghai Mayor's Care Insurance, the training base for senior care practitioners in the Yangtze River Delta, the Women's Civilised Post of Pudong New Area in 2019, and the Xiaodong Team of Pudong in 2020.

       The three-hospital merger project is a comprehensive long-term care institution integrating recreational elderly care and life care services, with a total of 413 beds (three nursing care buildings and two comprehensive buildings), occupying a floor area of 11,300 square metres, with two-person, four-person, and six-person rooms, which can provide professional care services for elders with different needs.

In order to alleviate the pressure of caring for cognitively impaired elderly people and enhance the cognitive care capacity of elderly service institutions, the Gu Lu nursing home project applied for the renovation of the cognitively impaired special area in 2021, which was renovated according to the unified standards of Shanghai, with a total of 2 cognitive care units, 1,158 square metres, and 36 beds, so as to provide personalised and specialised service guarantees for the cognitively impaired elderly people.