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Shanghai Xingzhong Entity (Group) Co., Ltd.

Comprehensive industrial investment group, top 50 private enterprises in Shanghai

Shanghai Xingzhong Entity (Group) Co., Ltd. (referred to as Xingzhong Group or the Group hereafter) was founded in 1994 and the year 2009 witnessed its combination of different subsidiaries which transformed it into a corporate group and also a holding company.n the year 2011, the Group already consisted of 7 business units: modern ship-related services, automotive parts manufacturing, supply chain management, sports, Xingzhong Services, asset management and investment management. A great momentum can be seen across all the 7 business categories which has been propelling the Group forth toward the mission of “Becoming a 100-year Enterprise that Benefits the Society” along the path of the corporate spirit which is “Honest, Pragmatic and Enterprising”. Currently the Group has 6 wholly-owned subsidiaries (2000 employees) and also has controlling stakes or non-controlling stakes in other dozens of subsidiaries. Its total assets amount to 6.5 billion RMB and the annual sales revenue is over 2.2 billion RMB.

Starting from ship equipment manufacturing (ship outfitting) and related services (on-site construction and erection), the Group has evolved into an established ship equipment provider with its presence throughout the whole Shanghai market. It owns 4 manufacturing bases and possesses an annual production capacity of 40,000 tons of ship equipment.Nowadays, Xingzhong has become one of the most renowned brands in the ship equipment industry in Shanghai. With diversification as its long-term development strategy, the Group has set up its presence that span 7 industries ranging from automotive parts manufacturing to supply chain management.The assets it manages amount to nearly 8 billion RMB and has successfully made its foray into the warehousing and transportation industry which led to warehousing and supporting facilities that occupy 300,000 square meters. In addition to the continued efforts to maintain the robust growth of its original businesses, the Group also makes constant endeavors in exploring new directions which has resulted in a diversified business scope that includes automobiles, asset management, supply chain management and sports. 

Honest, Pragmatic and Enterprising” are our core values.We uphold integrity in recruitment and business cooperation to achieve win-win results. We incorporate the pragmatic mindset into our daily work and our attitude toward challenges. With an enterprising spirit, we have become a company that never stops learning and is always in pursuit of innovation and breakthroughs.The core values has laid a solid foundation for the robust and speedy growth of the Group.

We have always been dedicated to the mission of “Encouraging Creativity by Enhancing Employee Satisfaction and Cultivating Trust by Enhancing Customer Satisfaction”When it comes to employees, we encourage the spirit of “Share because You Care” so as to build harmony in the big Xingzhong Family. To our customers, we aim for customer satisfaction, strive to earn their trust by meeting their demands and stick to the mutually beneficial and win-win approach which is reflected in our operation guideline of “Growing Together with the Customer”.

In the future, Xingzhong Group will continue its focus on the approach of talent-and-expertise-driven growth, and will build upon its unique competitive advantages in Shanghai to maintain its leading position in the ship equipment industry in Shanghai and meanwhile explore more opportunities to establish itself as a renowned multi-business company that excels in various sectors including modern ship-related services, automotive parts manufacturing, supply chain management, sports and asset management.

Message from the President

Dingxin, Dingxin, and Dingxin are the corporate spirit of Xingzhong and the core values we have always adhered to. It is this spirit that has led Xingzhong from a small factory to gradually develop into today's group enterprise that integrates various business formats such as ship services, research and development manufacturing, asset management, warehousing supply chain, elderly care, and sports. We adhere to the principle of building enterprises with trust, providing diligent services, and actively striving for progress. We have accumulated a good reputation in the industry and have also gained initial fame in the private enterprise camp in Shanghai.

       The achievements of Xingzhong today are inseparable from the wave of national reform and opening up and sustained economic growth. However, we should be more grateful to our partners and customers for their trust and support. Without your choices and companionship, Xingzhong would not be where it is today. In addition, we would like to thank all the Xingzhong people for their hard work, wisdom, unity, and pragmatism.

       Innovation and creation are the source of prosperity and progress. We have always adhered to the principle of "always exceeding customer expectations", and deeply understand that only by providing lean services and taking customer needs as the value of Xingzhong's existence can Xingzhong's development be stable and far-reaching, with deep roots and long history.

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