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Xingzhong Investment

Xingzhong Investment business started in 2000, and has invested billions of RMB directly at home and abroad. Since its establishment, Xingzhong Industrial Investment has been widely recognised by partners and professional managers worldwide, including China, for its outstanding investment performance.

We have a team of professional investors consisting of founders, entrepreneurs, engineers, securities analysts, financial experts, etc., and have formed a strategic alliance with Pudong Sci-Tech and Zhangjiang Venture Capital. We are willing to share with founders and professional managers the successes and failures they have experienced.

We have not only invested in traditional manufacturing industries and industrial parks such as ships, auto parts, but also seized the opportunity of hard technology to change China and the world by investing in more than dozens of innovative companies listed on the SSE, SZSE, HKSE and NASDAQ respectively.

We look for future-proof industries as much as possible, and investment opportunities that will bring long-term value to mankind and society. Our team spends a great deal of time researching industry trends and technological developments in order to capture huge future markets as early as possible. At the same time, we attach great importance to in-depth due diligence in order to better grasp investment opportunities and assess investment risks. An important part of our investment strategy is focus. We hope to have good insights into the industries we focus on, a rich network of contacts, understand the invested projects, and help them after investment, so as to form an ecosystem in the investment targets, and to help the operators and invested projects to grow continuously in various aspects.

We invest in new energy, high-end manufacturing, biomedical, and information technology. We focus on how technology is redefining business, manufacturing, mobility, and energy, including artificial intelligence, robotics, semiconductors and blockchain. We also focus on the huge manufacturing upgrade opportunities in China.