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Eastern Suburb Equestrianism

 The sports industry is based on Eastern Suburb International Equestrian (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. as the core enterprise, the company is the president unit of Shanghai Equestrian Association, covering equestrian clubs, equestrian training institutions, horse breeding, veterinarians, horse trade, media, event organisations, saddlery riding gear and other types of horse show industry-related enterprises. The company's equestrian bases in Jinhai and Eastern Suburb are located next to the Jinhai exit of Pudong S20, which has an advantageous geographical location. The base covers an area of 120 acres, with 2 pieces of international standard indoor and 2 pieces of outdoor competition and training venues. The base has more than 80 horses and 12 coaches, providing a professional equestrian training platform for students.

 The company is transforming from a single competitive sports association to an equestrian industry association, devoting itself to the two industry missions of expanding the equestrian population and promoting the upgrading of the industry, and focusing on building the Shanghai Equestrian Association's five developmental systems of member services, industry certification, education, youth training, and tournament organisation.

 The scope of operation includes: equestrian brand promotion, talent training, horse farm construction, horse farm operation and management, equestrian event operation, culture promotion and popularisation.